WFH Medical Training Workshop in Dubai UAE 17th and 18th Aug 2019

Dr. Lubna Zafar VP HPWS Rwp and Deputy Director of HTC was invited to attend the above workshop and learn about a new product Emicizumab / Hemlibra for treatment of inhibitor positive Haemophilia A patients.

The workshop was very well organized and facilitated very well by Dr. Assad Haffar, Director WFH humanitarian aid programme. A group of very experienced doctors Magdy EL Ekiaby, Carmen Escuriola, Rebecca Kruse-Jarres talked on various aspects of the drug like mode of action, dosage, side effects, drug restrictions and safety etc.

Apart from the workshop, the participants gave brief presentations on the state of Haemophilia Care in their respective countries. They also discussed their experience of low dose prophylaxis (LDP), sponsored by WFH humanitarian aid programme.

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