Genetic Counseling

An awareness session was organized at HPWS Rawalpindi on 19th January 2019, for Women with Bleeding Disorders.

Dr. Tahira Zafar the director HTC talked about medical issues and challenges for women with bleeding disorders. Dr. Irum Naeem and Dr. Humaira from Gynaecologist from BBH discussed menorrhagia and its management as well as pregnancy related problems. Female patients Rabia and Nosheen shared their perspectives with the audience. Dr. Lubna Zafar, Deputy director HTC, discussed the importance of genetic counseling for prevention of these disorders. In the end Dr. Munawar Sher Khan emphasized the role of psychosocial support for women with bleeding disorders.

Another awareness session on” Genetic counseling in patients with bleeding disorders “was conducted at HPWS Rawalpindi on 26th August 2019.

Importance of genetics in disease transmission and its prevention was discussed with patients and parents.

This session was facilitated by Dr. Lubna Zafar, Deputy Director of HTC.

Miss Abeera Maheen, discussed patient’s perspective about positive role of patients and their families in understanding the disease and its implications. She suggested the role of community in prevention of genetic diseases.