Low Dose Prophylaxis (LDP)

Prophylaxis in patients with hemophilia (to prevent bleeding)

In developed countries Prophylaxis is routinely carried out in Hemophilia patients  to prevent bleeding, improving joint health and preventing deformities. The dose of factor VIII or IX is 20 to 40 IU/kg body weight, given 2-3 times  a week to keep  factor level  above 1% at all times. This is very expensive & not at all practical for our set up where patients are given on demand treatment ( when bleeding occurs)

Low Dose Prophylaxis (LDP) project

A number of studies in developing countries have shown good results by using a lower dose of prophylaxis, Low Dose Prophylaxis”(LDP) . WFH is supporting LPD project in many countries including Pakistan.

we started the LDP project in patients of Hemophilia A on 17th April 2018 ( factor  donation  from WFH ). Fifteen patients of ages between 1 to 8 years are enrolled in this ongoing study .They are given  factor VIII concentrates at a dose of 250 IU I/V on weekly basis. Higher doses are given to older patients according to their weight.

The physiotherapy department of Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) is affiliated with us and is participating in this study under the guidance of orthopedics surgery department of BBH. They are providing the facility of 3 monthly assessments of these patients for joint health.

 10 new patients will be added to this project this year