Self Infusion

Self-Infusion: Means injecting the factor to one’s own self

Patients are encouraged to infuse factors to themselves. In case of small children, parents are taught to do it. This facilitates home infusion and helps in arresting bleeding early and also reduce the number of visits to the HTC.

A learning session for self infusion by patients and parents was held at the HPWS Rwp on 26 Aug 2019. A demonstration was given how to prepare factor and then infuse intravenously via butterfly needle.

Patients and parents learnt to prepare factor by adding distilled water to powered form of factor. Then infusion through an intravenous needle insertion preferably a butterfly needle was supervised.

Training is provided by HTC Nursing staff.

  • Factor Preparation 92%
  • Factor Infusion 50%
  • Factor Infusion Training 95%