Hemophilia Treatment Center


The Hemophilia Treatment Center looks after patients with Inherited bleeding disorders. These are diseases which are due to an inherited (passed on from parents to their children) deficiency of coagulation factors. This results in prolonged bleeding after cuts / injury. The commonest disorder is Hemophilia which is X-linked (mostly males are affected).  Von Willebrand’s Disease (VWD) is the next common and has autosomal inheritance (both males and females are affected).

Registration at HTC

New Patients with Inherited Bleeding disorders are registered at the HTC. They are received at the reception and follow our protocol for registration.

Procedure for registration

  • Patients with suspected inherited bleeding disorder/ already diagnosed , are checked by the Medical Officer (M/O)
  • Detail medical history and physical examination is done and documented in a file.
  • Investigations are advised (if not already done)

Blood test Requirement at AFIP, CMH Rawalpindi

  • Complete Coagulation Profile
  • Factor level
  • HBs Ag
  • HCV
  • Other tests like Blood CP, LFTs, etc if required.

Document Requirement:

  • B- Form / CNIC of Patient
  • Parents CNICs
  • 2 passport size pictures of Patient
  • Home address or (Proof of residential documents if the patient is foreign national)
  • Phone No. / Email

Charges (per policy)

  • Registration fee (Life time ) Rs: 1000
  • Annual fee Rs: 1800
  • Handling charges (on visit) Rs:  250

The patient is given a HTC registration number and is also registered with Hemophilia Foundation Pakistan (HFP)

Advantages of registration:

  • Free check up by the MO
  • Free consultation & check up by the consultants at HTC ,if required
  • Free / subsidized treatment (as per Policy)
  • Free Referrals to & consultations by our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) &relevant Doctors at Haemophilia Friendly Hospitals (HFH) ,if required
  • Admission in HFH if required
  • 24 hr on call service for emergencies
  • Subsidized emergency care per policy
  • Free physiotherapy sessions
  • Free counseling
  • Free training to prepare factors
  • Free training to infuse factors

Access and invitation to Awareness activities, Seminars , workshops , picnics etc with free refreshments.