Women’s Group

Message from the WG President

Being hemophiliac wasn’t our choice, but turning it into a blissful opportunity is our choice.

In case of young female hemophilics, their mothers have joined the group to get benefits of its projects.

Women Group is comprised of females with bleeding disorders. The basic purpose of this group is to make female hemophilics empowered and confident. Moreover, females’ issues are also addressed in this group and services of medical as well as psychological consultation are provided. Most of registered female patients are members of this group.

– Seminars and workshops are organized to provide a platform to female patients so that their voices may be heard and the standard of their life may be improved.

Members of the Women's Group

Maryam Un Nisa Abira Maheen
Safia Shehzadi Nazia Kausar
Nimra Pervaiz Sabeen Faraz
Tahreem Habib Rabia Saleem
Fouzia Peveen Anila Kanwal
Salma Kirin Simra Rehan
Kirin Shahzadi Esha ifthkar
Hina Fatima Tahseen Fatima