23rd Virtual Annual International Conference Pakistan Society of Haematology (PSH)

23rd Pakistan Society of Haematology (PSH) – Virtual Annual International Conference 4-6 February 2021

Haemophilia Care Physicians of Haemophilia Treatment Center Rawalpindi (HTC) participated actively in the conference.

Prof. Tahira Zafar, Prof. Lubna Zafar & Dr Nadeem Ikram at the conference.

Prof. Tahira Zafar was the Panelist for the session on Haemostasis & Thrombosis. The session had 2 interesting talks related to Inherited Bleeding Disorders.

Dr Shabnez from Fatmid Foundation Karachi talking about use of fibrin glue for gingival bleeding. This helped in reducing the use of factors & components in her patients. During the discussion she pointed out that she used commercial fibrin Glue which is quite expensive. This can however be produced by using Thrombin & Cryoprecipitate, which is cheap & easy.

Dr Abdul Mannan, Haemophilia Center Director from North Wales, shared his experience of Therapeutic advances in treatment of patients with inhibitors. He gave detailed account of use of Emicizumab . Prof. Tahira Zafar mentioned about its use at HTC Rawalpindi where it is made available through Humanitarian Aid Program (HAP) of WFH.The 11 patients enrolled in the study are doing fine & none of them has had a breakthrough bleed.

Prof Lubna Zafar & Dr Nadeem Ikram were the panelists for the session on free papers. They were involved in the critical analysis of paper presentations and evaluating them for awards. They were also the panelists for the concluding session “ PSH s finest “. The highlight of the session was the state of the art lecture by Prof Mufti from UK, on clonal mutations in haemopoietic stem cells.

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