General Body Meeting 9th December 2017

Venue : Pakistan Sweet Homes, Islamabad,  Courtesy Mr. Zammurad Khan

Chief Guest: Ms.  Laurie Kelley,  Founder and President “ Save One Life “, USA

Stage Secretary :  Dr. Nadeem Ikram, Information Secretary   Ex Board PHPWS  Rwp/Isb

Report :

 The AGM was attended by   Members from the Board of Governors , Executive Board and  the General Body  of the Society, along with well -wishers  and donors.

guests, Presently the Society has a total of  72 GB members  out of which 43 attended the AGM, thus the quorum was complete

After the welcome address and Talawat e Quran  ,    Dr. Munawar  Sher Khan, President of the Society, presented the annual report and audited accounts of the FY  2016/2017 along with the amendments in the constitution as recommended   by the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy.

The GB members approved the above and at the same time spontaneously re-elected the Office Bearers of the Executive Body for a period of three  years WEF January 2018 to December 2020.

Following the above  the Chief Guest , Ms. Laurie Kelley , Founder   and President  of  “Save One Life “  gave a talk on SOL and the work  the organisation  does for spreading  awareness  about Haemophilia, running fund raising campaigns and  finding sponsors to support children from less developed countries.   SOL supports 23  haemophilic children from the  Rawalpindi Chapter alone and the funds received through SOL were distributed to them at the AGM.

Mr. Zammurad Khan ,  Chairman Pakistan Sweet Homes,  riveted all the attendees  with his dynamic closing speech  and his offer to help the Society in any way he can.

The meeting ended with a sumptuous lunch hosted by M. Zamurrad Khan   with a distribution  of gifts to all the children  who came with their parents to the meeting.

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