XII International Hemophilia Forum Beirut Visit

XII International Haemophilia Forum

Eastern Mediterranean Region  (EMR)

19th – 22nd Oct 2017 ,Beirut,  Lebanon


Collaboration   World Federation of Haemophilia(WFH)                              

                           Lebanese Association for Haemophilia

Biotest ,Dreieich,Germany


Participants   Haemophilia Care givers (EMR)

Representatives of Lebanese Association for Haemophilia

WFH President & Regional Representatives

Speakers , authorities in haemophilia care

Pak group: Dr Tahira, Dr Munawar ,Dr Ayisha


 Objective       Update on haemophilia care

Local knowledge & practices sharing                        


 Activities            Lectures ,meetings ,interactive sessions, discussions

Focus on:

Prophylaxis                           Low dose

Management                       Treatment Products

Humanitarian Aid

Surgery & Physiotherapy   Chemical Synovectomy

Physio in Europe, Middle East

                                   Inhibitor Development      Diagnosis & Treatment

Women with Bleeding Disorders

                                   Other Bleeding Disorders   vWD & Rare Bleeding Disorders

Novel Therapy                        Gene Therapy

Diagnostics                               Ultrasound   Lab


Well organized Covered nearly all aspects  of haemophilia care

Good networking with regional & WFH representatives

Pakistan Meeting Local issues , exchange of ideas with Dr

Ayeisha of Lahore Chapter

National ( Lahore Chapter) & International (Dr Marijke van

denberg ,Netherlands & Rezan Kadir ,London) Collaborations

Development of EMR medical network

Conclusion   & Actions

Important to attend such meetings ; learning & networking

Implementation of knowledge gained ; LD prophylaxis   &

Women with Bleeding Disorders

Communication with WFH & EMR representatives

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