Recreational Opportunity for EB Members and Staff

A monthly EB meeting is held at the office of PHPWS Rwp/Isb chapter. EB members make their time spare for it and manage to attend it despite of their busy schedules. Important decisions are taken at the meeting and approval from all EB members is also ensured. Hence, an EB committee holds an eminent position in management of society affairs along with staff which is the backbone of society. organized for  EB members and staff.

The credit of planning and management goes to Dr. Tahira, Dr. Munawwar, Dr. Lubna and Mr. Khawar. One of the great positive aspects of the trip was the accommodation of family members. Staff and EB members were allowed to come along with their families. Conveyance facility was provided by the society and Mr. Khawar arranged two vans for it. The recreational spot was Army Technicians Mess at Barian. The place was quite wonderful and serene. The day fixed for the trip was Sunday on May07, 21017 as it was convenient for all. First aid kit and all the necessities for any case of emergency were also taken.  Children brought snacks and different food items with them to relish while travelling. All reached the society office in time. It was a bright lovely morning and the journey started at almost 8:45 am. In addition to two vans Dr. Lubna accompanied with her own car. As the weather was good so the whole journey was comfortable and peaceful. We reached Barian at about 11:30 am.

There was an introductory session which was not boring at all. Rather it was quite interesting and made us aware of each other’s talents and skills. Many volunteers emerged as a result of this introduction and they showed their willingness to serve the society in one way or another. A cup of tea along with deliciously baked cake by Mrs. Fayyaz made everyone quite refreshed and geared up for the round of whole surrounding. Children enjoyed different games such as badminton, cricket etc.

While moving round the officers’ mess Dr. Lubna and her husband told the history of different sections and made us aware of different worthwhile knowledge. As Barian is a hilly area so it was a hiking experience as well. In addition to children adults also enjoyed swings and revived their childhood memories.

After such a long walk and hiking everyone was feeling pangs of hunger and the lunch which was served was amazingly delicious. Especially the dish of Halwa Puri added to the joy of lunch and was enjoyed by everyone. Yummy ice-cream made children and everyone more joyful as it is all the time favorite of all.

Fun remained embedded in the whole journey and humorous games after lunch made everybody laugh to extreme. At the end of game prizes were distributed among winners.

After staying for a little while more we moved back because at least 3 hours were estimated to reach back homes at proper time. Coming back everyone was quite tired but happy as well.

A bundle of gratitude is presented by all to Dr. Lubna and her husband as they are quite generous and courteous and it was all made possible with their greatness and openheartedness. We are highly grateful to them for all this cooperation. Indeed, it was a joyful event for all of us and added a wonderful memorable day to our lives.

Living in age of selfies, a great number of photographs were taken by Mr. Fayyaz and individuals as well. A glimpse of trip has been provided to make us revive lovely memories.

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