Haemophilia Hand Book, Educatioanl Booklet for Health care Professonals 2021

I have been involved with looking after Haemophilia & other Inherited Bleeding Disorders (IBD’S) for over 3 decades, both in Pakistan and overseas (United Kingdom). These patients, here in Pakistan, first present to the primary care physicians who, due to the rarity of these disorders, are not well aware of the issues & challenges associated with these disorders & their management. This causes a delay in appropriate treatment resulting in complications which can be fatal at times.

This handbook is designed for the Health Care professionals to provide them with a frame work to act when they come across patients with IBD’s. It also gives them the details of whom to contact & where to refer these patients when the initial emergency is taken care off. This book should, by no means, be taken to replace the standard principles of care but rather as an adjunct to them, with the physicians looking after these patients taking the ultimate responsibility of care.

It has been an arduous task compiling this book & I am grateful to God, who gave me strength, courage and patience and to my friends & colleagues who gave me their unwavering support & help in the write up & enabled me to finish it up.


I would like to express my deep gratitude to World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH), who through the Development Grants Project (DGP) provided the necessary funds to publish this book.

I am also extremely grateful to Muhammad Laiq Khan for his efforts in designing and formatting of the handbook.

Finely I acknowledge with gratitude, the support provided by my family, my husband Prof. Asif Zafar, who provided constant advice & encouragement, my children Sarah & Ali & grandchildren Rahimeen, Ahmad & Zayn who kept me going & made it possible for me to pull it all through.

All Rights reserved. The contents of this handbook both photographic and textual may not be produced in any form, by print, photo print or any other means without written permission from the publisher.

This document is an educational guideline & should be taken as such. The ultimate judgment must be made by the physician in the light of all the circumstances presented by the individual patient.

1st edition July, 2020
Copyright: Haemophila Patients welfare Society, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


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