Hifazat e Najam, Treatment Support Project

Hifazat e Najam Project helps those Patients with Inherited Bleeding Disorders (PWBD), registered with the HPWS RWP who cannot afford to pay for treatment (income less than Rs. 30,000.00 / month) with preference being given to those who have two or more PWBD to support with moderate to severe disease.

The average annual treatment cost is around Rs 50,000 rupees. Presently we are supporting 78 patients and hope to bring the beneficiaries, with our friends’ support, up to 100 this year inshallah.

We spend donations directly on the recipients and send portfolios of the beneficiaries to the donors.At the end of the year  an update of the patient is sent to the  donor. A receipt of the donation is also sent to the donor.