Hifazat e Nisa

Hifazat e Nisa

Hifazat-e-Nisa, Women with IBD’s Support Project

Hifazat-e-Nisa Project helps those Women Patients with Inherited Bleeding Disorders (PWBD), registered with the HPWS RWP who cannot afford to pay for treatment. The project is specially designed for women’s with IBD’s.

Factor Policy

  1. Initial two doses at HTC will be on half price.
  2. Additional dose, if required, will be provided free of cost.
  3. Admitted patients with bleeding episode, for surgery or childbirth will be provided free factor to cover the event.
  4. One dose of factor for home treatment can be provided at half price.
  5. Patients, who are donors, will be given free factor for the amount of donation only.
  6. Unusual circumstances to be dealt on case to case basis by the Medical Officer with discussion with Director.
  7. For unregistered patients we follow our previously made policy.

HPWS Rwp retains the rights to change or amend factor policy at any time.

To Donate:
Account Name: HPWS RWP
Account No: 0504-003166320-3
IBAN: PK21 HABB 0005 0400 3166 3203
Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd,
Satellite Town Branch RWP

Note: Donors in Rawalpindi/Islamabad can also be facilitated by having their donations picked up by the official representatives of HPWS RWP.

If you cannot give, but still want to support our cause, please share our website and Facebook page with your friends, family members and co workers. With more people aware of our cause, we will be one step closer to giving Haemophilia patients a life free of pain and disabilities.





Donation Amount

Personal Info

We currently only support 3 ways of donation. In order to make a donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the HPWS - Rawalpindi office to donate personally by hand
  2. Donate via EasyPaisa/JazzCash using the bank account details below
  3. Transfer donation amount directly to the given bank account below

Bank Account Details:
Account Name: HPWS RWP
Account No: 0504-003166320-3
IBAN: PK21 HABB 0005 0400 3166 3203
Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd; Satellite Town Branch Rawalpindi (Commercial Centre Branch)
Branch Code: 0504
Swift Code: HABBKKA007

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.

Donation Total: $1.00